Executive Team

Aleksandar Pavlovski

Technical Director

It is a great pleasure and honor to be at the position of a manager and technical director of Elektroinvest.
Working with a young, professional team, and colleagues who are true professionals in the field is genuine job satisfaction.
Although our work is full of challenges and problems that at times seem unsolvable and difficult to overcome, thanks to them, we are always able to timely solve the difficulties in a quality fashion, all with a common goal – the industry must not stop.

Anita Mitrevska

Finance and Administrative Director

Working in a complex environment as an administrative and financial director is a real challenge for me. The challenge of managing the day-to-day administrative tasks, short-term and long-term planning of finances allow the smooth operation of Electroinvest. Thanks to the established communication and planning systems, this impossible mission realizes in the end.

Dimitar Zhabev

Head of Service

Running an electric power and machine service requires tremendous responsibility, precision, and accuracy. The various requirements of our customers must be met most efficiently, in the shortest time and with the highest level of quality. It all carries out successfully thanks to the dedication and love of the work of everyone involved. As a Head of Service, every day represents a new challenge for me.

Katerina Stojceva

 Head of Supply and Sales

The supply of specific materials, spare parts, and equipment from multiple continents and various suppliers of goods, requires a great deal of commitment and coordination. As a Head of Supply and Sales, I meet every day with a variety of requirements from all areas, and thanks to the dedication of my colleagues we can provide them. Working in a dynamic environment requires also having a dynamic nature.

About the service

Preventive maintenance of the equipment is based on data collected over a longer period for a particular type of equipment.
This data is being analyzed by our expert teams and decisions are made about possible defects that might occur in the next period, all based on one ultimate goal – to make the equipment functional 99% of the time.
For the new generation of equipment that can be managed digitally, special software is being used. It enables our expert teams to monitor the equipment data in real-time and to timely intervene or locate any equipment failure that may occur in the future period.