Synchronous Condensers


With the shift in the power generation market towards the increased use of renewables, the stability of the grid supply is now a concern to many of our customers. The ability to absorb or supply reactive power is provided by use of a synchronous condenser. A BRUSH synchronous condenser is a cost effective alternative to supply bulk var power compared to static var compensators. BRUSH’s synchronous condenser applications are based on our DAX and DG ranges of generators with over a century of engineering experience, knowledge and innovation embedded in the design.

Technical Specifications

Output range 10 MVA – 350 MVA

Voltage range up to 20 kV

50Hz or 60Hz operation

Brushless or static excitation


Low temperature operation

Low noise


Hazardous area operation

Multiple heat exchanger options

Double end drive

High inertia

Low inertia

API 546 compliant

Harsh environment operation