Power Transformers


Our transformers are in service all over the world, providing power to millions of homes and businesses. We have built a solid reputation for reliability and longevity amongst our many satisfied clients. Our offering:

  • Distribution Transformers
  • Power Transformers up to 132kV 160MVA

Technical Specifications

  • High efficiency transformers based on European Union EcoDesign Directive
  • Alternative cooling fluids including Midel and FR3 for environmentally sensitive or urban sites
  • Low noise level transformers with advanced core build technology and variable speed fan options
  • Partial discharge free design through an optimized insulation structure extends operational lifespan
  • Condition Monitoring options via fiber optic temperature sensors & gas detection systems
  • Compact design reduces substation footprint and total project cost
  • Cooling methods ranging from naturally cooled to directed-oil via pumps and forced-air via fans
  • Tap-changing by On-Load (bolt-on or in-tank) or Off-Circuit switching devices. Remote Tap-changer Control Panels can also be supplied
  • Protection devices such as winding & liquid temperature indicators, pressure relief valves, oil level gauges. All can be supplied with alarms and trips in accordance with client specifications


Our Transformers can be designed to many national and international specifications, and tailored to our client’s individual requirements.

  • IEC
  • ANSI
  • Shell DEP
  • Aramco
  • Rail