Exciter Services

From Straight Forward Repairs To Performance Enhancements

The Elektroinvest Switchgear product range is extensive and our experienced and highly skilled Services Team provide a comprehensive package of activities that are designed to ensure the maximum benefits are delivered from your Switchgear products.

Our expert teams are highly experienced in the design, manufacture, maintenance and testing of brushless exciters and they can re-engineer components to improve performance.  If you’re due an upgrade, we can now supply new brushless exciters to our clients too. Our services include:

  • Repairs
  • Rebuilding components
  • Refurbishment program to disassemble all removable components, testing each electrical component to identify its status
  • Component replacement
  • Re-banding services
  • Complete rewinds of the stator and rotor winding assemblies
  • PMG rewinds
  • Full speed balance of all exciter rotors in a state-of-the-art balance facility
  • Emergency excitation services including:
    • A mobile exciter, which can be brought to site
    • Swap-out brushless exciters for use during refurbishments
  • Electrical testing, including:
    •       RTD Resistance Test
    •       RTD Insulation Resistance
    •       Thermocouple Continuity
  • Supply of new brushless exciters
  • Exciter Housing Modifications

Housing Modifications Reduce Risks And Improve Operation

  • Elektroinvest’s Service can carry out a Positive Pressure Vent Modification (PPVM) to your existing exciter housing which has been proven to significantly reduce the rate of dirt contamination and mitigate the potential hazard of hydrogen ingress.
  • Housings are modified so the inside pressure is at a higher level than the outside, which reduces the intake of dirt and contamination during operation.

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