Our 25kV single phase vacuum switchgear is installed on many railway networks throughout the world for railway electrification.

Meeting the high fault levels and current ratings for international railway systems.Based on 1100mm wide modular units, the V-Mag 25 is arranged with a high voltage compartment enclosing busbars, vacuum circuit breaker and potential transformer together with a control aisle and annexe to accommodate supervisory control equipment, battery and auxiliary equipment.

Each circuit breaker comprises a single vacuum interrupter mounted on a post insulator, which also supports the operating mechanism.

The circuit breaker module is removable, complete with mechanism from its service location.

Key Features

Weather-proof housing for protection of equipment from both weather and unauthorised access

Self-contained room

Robust construction

Complete factory substation assembly

Fully factory tested, resulting in minimum site commissioning and installation time

Reinforced glass panels ensure it is possible to visually inspect components within the HV compartment without the need for personnel access into the compartment itself.

V-Mag requires minimal maintenance due to a reduced number of moving mechanical parts

Capable of Retrofitting into South Wales Switchgear & GEC housing


System Nominal Voltage kV 25 Single Phase
Normal Current A 1250
Symmetrical Short Circuit Current kA 20
Power Frequency Test Voltage kV kVp
Impulse Withstand Voltage kVp 105
Rated Short-Time Current kA 3s 20
Rated Frequency Hz 50